‘Secret Santa’ Michelle spreads festive cheer

Michelle with some of the donations
Michelle with some of the donations

A secret Santa has been out and about in Fife over the last couple of weeks spreading some festive cheer to children throughout the area.

Michelle Matthews, (29) took it upon herself to become one of Santa’s little helpers over the festive period to help families who aren’t in a position financially to be able to provide Christmas presents for their children this year.

There were already a number of different charity organisations involved in similar campaigns in the lead up to Christmas, but Michelle decided she wanted to do something to help too.

She created a Facebook page called Secret Santa at the beginning of November asking for people to donate toys and other gifts to give to the children of Fife.

In just a short space of time, several local businesses and people within the Fife area, came on board and volunteered to become collectors for the Secret Santa and also donated toys and sweets.

The presents soon started to pile up and the campaign really began to grow until Michelle had bags upon bags of presents to hand out to the children of Fife.

Michelle said: “I have a friend who works with the Family And Community Support Team (FACST)in Fife who helps hundreds of families and does a fantastic job.

“I got talking to her one day and I couldn’t believe how much poverty there is just in Kirkcaldy alone.

“I knew I had to do something.

“So I started a Facebook page called Secret Santa.

“At first I just intended to collect from family and friends but the site just went crazy.

“Before I knew it, I had a number of shops throughout Kirkcaldy, Burntisland and Dunfermline as well as kind members of the public willing to become collection points for me.

“I thank each and everyone of them as without them, I would never have collected such a huge amount of presents which filled a transit van and a couple of cars.

“And now thanks to everyone’s kindness, FACST have been able to spread the toys out between their teams in Fife.

“We’ve made a lot of families very happy and that makes me happy.

“The members of the community, not just in Kirkcaldy but right across Fife, really have been so kind,” she added.

One of Michelle’s helpers said: “I wanted to say a special thank you to Shell for organising such a lovely idea for children.

“They will now wake up on Christmas morning with a smile on their faces when they see the gifts that a kind community has donated to Fife’s young children.

“Not only did she fill a transit van she also filled cars too. “Well done to Shell.”