Secretary to resign from Cupar council after Ponds decision

Tarvit Pond, Cupar
Tarvit Pond, Cupar

Cupar Community Council secretary Douglas Provan has announced that he is to leave the organisation, claiming “it is no longer the community council I joined many years ago.”

Mr Provan says he was unhappy the way last month’s meeting was run and at which most of the discussion focussed on Kingdom Housing Association’s plans to built 49 affordable houses off Pitscottie Road.

The community council backed the plans, after a vote, with Mr Provan one of the opponents.

He says he will resign from the council after plans for a further 49 houses, at Tarvit Ponds, are settled.

Mr Provan said this week that there were at least three community council members, who were also members of Sustainable Cupar, who had been in discussion with Kingdom over the development’s heating system.

He was also surprised that Councillor Bryan Poole had later declared an interest at a meeting of Fife Council’s north east planning committee.

Commenting on the community council meeting , Mr Provan said: “By the time the Kingdom Housing speakers had finished, there was no time for the public and even less time for the members to discuss it.”

Speaking this week, Councillor Poole said: “I hope Douglas reconsiders his decision to resign from Cupar Community Council, although I know he has been unhappy with the direction of travel of the community council for some time.

“He has contributed to the work of the community council for many years and has always acted in the interests of Cupar as he saw it.”

Councillor Poole said his own input at the meeting was wholly designed to ensure that, whatever decision was reached, it would be “accorded appropriate weighting” when the Kingdom application was considered by Fife’s planning committee. He added that neither he nor the other Fife councillor in attendance played any part in the community council’s deliberations. “I’ve always respected Douglas’ contribution to both Cupar and the community council and thus I’m both surprised and disappointed that Douglas has chosen to personalise this issue.”

It is understood that Sustainable Cupar’s energy group no longer has any involvement with Kingdom’s Pitscottie Road development - a decision taken before the last Cupar community council meeting.