Secrets behind the festive hits

Noting says Christmas quite like Shane McGowan ...
Noting says Christmas quite like Shane McGowan ...

Dawn Renton looks at this week’s TV highlights

(Saturday, Channel 4, 8.00 p.m.)

Get ready for 90 minutes of festive fun as this Christmas special uncovers the stories behind the UK’s favourite festive hits through the decades, from the Pogues’ (pictured, right) Fairytale of New York to cringeworthy novelty chart-toppers like Mr Blobby.

Jamie’s Cracking Christmas (Sunday, Channel 4, 6.00 p.m.)Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a cooking show giving you step by step instructions to help make the perfect festive spread. It’s the turn of Jamie Oliver to 
tell exactly why we should spend three hours cooking a goose like we have all the time in the 

Great Movie Mistakes

(Monday, BBC Three, 7.00 p.m.) Comedian Robert Webb hosts the show that delights pointing out the mistakes and gaffs made by Hollywood that ended up on the silver screen including dodgy continuity mistakes and random production crew members wandering in front of the camera. It’ll have you watching movies just to look out for mistakes.

My Crazy Christmas


(Tuesday, Channel 5, 10.00 a.m.) You can’t turn on the telly without coming across a Christmas themed programme, and this documentary shows those that take the festive period to the extreme.

We are shown homes across America who think nothing of adorning their homes with more Christmas decorations than Santa would have at the North Pole.

One couple in New Jersey has decked out their home with over 20,000 fairy lights and decorations.

Think of the electricity bill!