SEPA report concern over future of quarry near Glenrothes

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The Scottish Evioronmental Protection Agency,(SEPA), has voiced concerns over plans to fill quarry near Glenrothes with water.

In a letter to Fife Council from Paul Lewis SEPA’s senior planning officer, he has highlighted the potential for increased flood risk to Leslie if the plans to allow Lomond Quarry to fill with water at the end of the extraction period in 2031 go ahead.

The proposed water level in the void will be 10 metres and greater above properties in the town and concerns have been raised about the integrity of the slope between the quarry and residential areas and the “potential for catastrophic failure”.

SEPA have called for a meeting to be set up between themselves, Council planning officers and the quarry operator- Skene Group- to assess the flood risk more fully.

Councillor John Wincott told the Gazette that he had received numerous questions concerns regarding the proposals from residents which he has passed on to SEPA.

He said :“I urge planning officers to give all of these questions the serious attention that is needed to ensure that any approved quarry restoration is safe and does not lead to an increase in flood risk to the golf course, or flooding of properties near to the Balsillie and Camby Burns.

“There must be no possibility whatsoever of failure of the slope and if the restoration plan does go ahead, then borehole monitoring before, during and after the restoration must be undertaken to ensure that the groundwater level is not affected.”