Setting sail with pirate radio stars

Scott (right) and his fellow students ready to set sail
Scott (right) and his fellow students ready to set sail

A Fife student studying at the University of Sunderland has taken to the seas to help celebrate 50 years of pirate radio.

Scott Hastie, 21, from Warout, Glenrothes, along with three other students, took part in a broadcast live from the North Sea with two special radio shows.

They paid homage to the pirate radio movement of the 1960s by broadcasting live on board a P&O ferry on its way from Hull to Rotterdam.

The group spoke to presenters from the original Radio Caroline line up and took a look back at the most iconic pop songs from that era.

“The first show on Monday was a great celebration of what Pirate Radio was like in it’s heyday of the 1960s,” said Scott.

‘‘We featured some great music along with interviews with radio presenters from the decade.”

Scott and fellow student, Harrison, went on to broadcast another show live from Rotterdam.

“We produced a different show which we called the first ever “Docu-Mixary. It was a special two hour mix of various music which wasborn through pirate radio. If it wasn’t for this movement we wouldn’t have the various popular dance influenced tracks today. ”

“The show was exciting and we heard a lot of great stories from a few guests who reminisced about their time spent on the pirate radio stations in the 1960s,” continued Scott.

Fred Marden, principal lecturer in radio at the university said: “It was fantastic to see the students demonstrating a great understanding of radio’s future through an appreciation of its past.They delivered a groundbreaking broadcast.”

The students are all in their final year of radio and television broadcast and production, and work on the university’s award winning community radio station, 107 Spark FM.