Seven years and still not finished!

4811096 SSFF riggs garden 'work on-going at the Riggs Garden Project, Malcolms Wynd, Kirkcaldy
4811096 SSFF riggs garden 'work on-going at the Riggs Garden Project, Malcolms Wynd, Kirkcaldy

A LONG-RUNNING garden art project in the centre of Kirkcaldy has been branded a farce by a resident overlooking it.

Theresa Clark says the Riggs Garden Project – to transform the garden to the back of a flat in Malcolm’s Wynd/Oliphant’s Wynd into a landscape artwork – has already taken over seven years and is still not complete after it ran out of money.

Andthen it was dug up and started all over again!

She says that, after enduring months of living in a building site the first time round, she is now having to put up with the same again - and every time it rains mud is washed down the pend.

“It has been a complete shambles from start to finish,” said Ms Clark (64), who has lived in the top flat at 2 Malcolm’s Wynd since 1990.

“When the idea was suggested many residents went along to monthly meetings to give our input, but then we were told that the artist’s impression was how it was going to be. The meetings were a waste of time and we all walked out.


“They did the original piece with grass coming out in waves from the centre with a piece of curved stainless steel representing a ship’s sail with a light coming up the middle of it.

‘‘It was never finished, despite them digging up trenches along the back of our building.

“At that time we suffered dust in the summer and mud in the winter and we weren’t allowed to park our cars at the back because of the machines.

“Then, just a couple of months ago, and without any warning to residents, workmen turned up and dug it all up, took away all the grass and plants. When I spoke to them they told me the artist hadn’t been happy with the work and a new one was being done. I couldn’t believe it. They must have spent thousands doing it, just to rip it all up and start again!

Councillor Kay Carrington, said she would be speaking to council officials.

“This has gone on too long, and seems to have gone through various phases,” she explained. “I believe that the project ran out of funding, but it seems to be back on track now and hopefully will be finished soon.”

Matthew Price, a planner with Fife Council, said: “With the help of Creative Scotland funding we are close to completing an interesting and enjoyable area for local residents and visitors.

“We hope to finish the works by Christmas and for the contractor to be off-site.’’