Sewage work in Anstruther

Councillor Elizabeth Riches
Councillor Elizabeth Riches

SCOTTISH Water has confirmed that “much-needed” remedial work on Anstruther’s Esplanade is due to start this summer.

The area has suffered in recent years with discharge of sewage through manhole covers, which has drawn numerous complaints.

Local councillor Elizabeth Riches has welcomed Scottish Water’s commitment.

“We need an early start date for this work so we can be assured that discharging of sewage is a thing of the past,” she said.

“I understand the long outfall pipe from the Esplanade, which contains one of the pumping stations, will be jetted thoroughly.

“The end of the outfall pipe will have a special valve fitted to allow free passage outwards but to prevent the build-up of sand within the outfall pipe.

“Any work to do with sewage maintenance or improvements is expensive but it is important to all areas, especially one so dependant on fishing and tourism.”