Sex pest targeted 10-year-old girl

Steven McLaren
Steven McLaren

A Cupar man who sent sexy messages to a friend’s 10-year-old daughter has been placed on the Sex Offenders’ Register while he waits to be sentenced.

Steven McLaren contacted the girl by Skype using a false name and asked her if she’d worn a skirt to school that day and if she’d been naughty, Cupar Sheriff Court has heard.

The messages were found on the girl’s i-Pad by her mother and when Mclaren was arrested he told police he’d used a false name because he didn’t want his wife to find out.

McLaren (55), of 6 Campbell Crescent, admitted sending sexual written communications to the girl on August 15 last year for the purposes of obtaining sexual gratification.

He will be sentenced on May 1 following the preparation of reports and was allowed bail when he appeared on indictment before Sheriff Charles Macnair.

Depute fiscal Beverley Adam told the court that the father of the girl - who cannot be named for legal reasons - had met the accused at RAF Leuchars, where he worked, and the pair had become friends and often socialised together.

McLaren was a musician and DJ and the girl’s father had asked him to sing at a family wedding.

The girl went to the wedding with her parents, and was taken aside by the accused, who said: ‘We need to stay in contact.’

The girl was also with her father when he later met the accused in a supermarket in order pay him for singing at the wedding.

When the man turned his attention away, McLaren handed the girl a piece of paper on which was written a Skype user name of Ian Martin.

When she asked him why he called himself that, he said: ‘It doesn’t matter who I am.’

“She ultimately gave him her Skype user name,” said Ms Adam.

“She began to receive messages from the accused which said ‘How was school today? What were you wearing? Were you wearing a skirt? Were you naughty at school today?’

“The girl’s mother was alerted and she saw that Ian Martin had sent a number of messages.”

When he was arrested, McLaren told police that he knew the girl was only 10 and that he shouldn’t have been talking to her. He didn’t want his wife to know.

Solicitor David Bell told the court that there was little that could be said in the way of mitigation other than that the content of the messages was not sexually explicit and it was only on one day that this had occurred.