Shall we dance?

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ANY blokes in Fife angling to see the Champions League final live on the telly on Saturday had a ready made Plan B ... tickets to ‘An Evening Of Dirty Dancing.’

That probably explains the largely female turnout for this show which celebrated the music of the hit film from the 1980s.

So not only was I in a minority - I didn’t check my football diary when I booked! - I was probably the only one in the theatre who hadn’t actually seen the film from start to finish.

Sure I know about never sticking Baby in the corner, but the watermelons line had to be explained to me. In my defence, most films have to be explained to me ...

But let’s be honest, you didn’t need a university degree to figure out the plot to ‘Dirty Dancing’ and when you strip it down to the music and the dance moves, well you have a ready-made hit show.

All credit to the eight-strong cast of dancers and singers who had the Alhambra on its feet threoughout the night.

They worked incredibly hard to built a cracking atmosphere which was one part karaoke, one part celebration of all things Swayze, and one part a rather worryingly large hen night!

‘‘An Evening Of Dirty Dancing’ has a built-in feel-good factor - you really cannot go wrong with such classic songs.

The audience knew every word of the Bill Medley/Jennifer Warrens’ hit ‘I’ve Had The Time Of My Life’ as well as Swayze’s own ‘She’s Like The Wind’ although could have sworn it was sung somewhere in the dim and distant past by Christopher Cross. See what I mean about not knowing the movie ...

There was even some on-stage dancing for volunteers from the audience while the rest of us shuffled and shimmied in the seats!

Good fun? Absolutely. If only I’d remembered to Sky+ the Champions League final...