Shape of St Andrews outlined in Local Plan

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The future development of St Andrews was outlined this week in a report published by Fife Council.

Reporters appointed by Scottish Ministers have been investigating 100 issues raised in response to the publication of the St Andrews and East Fife Local Plan.

The plan will shape the development of all land and buildings in the area and be used to guide day-to-day planning decisions.

The reporters examined each of the issues that were raised as well as the content and policies in the plan and have published their conclusions and recommendations which are “effectively binding” on the council.


The examination process included a series of unaccompanied site visits and two hearing sessions covering strategic housing land issues and the St Andrews West strategic land allocation, respectively.

Councillor John Beare, chair of the council’s Planning Committee, said: “The Reporters’ conclusions and recommendations give widespread support to the St Andrews and East Fife Local Plan strategy and can be read as an endorsement of the changes Fife Council proposed after the extended public consultation phases of the Local Plan.”

“This has been a long process following the interruption to the plan’s preparation when the Fife Structure Plan was reappraised. I would, however, like to thank everyone who participated in the plan’s preparation.”


The council’s proposed recommendation to adjust the boundary of the strategic development to the west of St Andrews was not accepted by the reporters.

The recommendations include a change to the St Andrews West Strategic Land Allocation boundaries by moving its boundary further westwards.

Development land southeast of Craigtoun Road has been reallocated as Green Belt and a new development site has been identified at Strathtyrum for employment and hotel use.

Other changes were made to a small number of sites elsewhere in the plan area but no new housing sites beyond those in the Local Plan were identified.