Share your visions in our Kirkcaldy charette

The derelict Nairn building on Victoria Road
The derelict Nairn building on Victoria Road

Public get say on developing an eyesore area

What would your dream plan be to transform a Kirkcaldy eyesore?

Locals are to be asked for their views on how to develop a derelict part of the town as part of ambitious proposals.

A series of workshops - known as the Kirkcaldy charette - will be held over four days from February 26 to March 1 in Pathhead Hall.

And during the sessions, residents, businesses, landowners and other interested parties are being invited to work with the design team to share their ideas about how they would breathe new life into the area.

Plans will be drawn up for the short, medium and long term and the main focus will be the Victoria Road regeneration corridor - which houses the former Nairn linoleum factory - and includes Nairn Street, Commercial Street, Hayfield Road and Smeaton industrial estate.

As well as residents and businesspeople, the process will also include the opinions of local schoolchildren.

There will be a primary school design competition involving all five schools within the charette catchment area.

They will be shown maps of the site and be asked for their ideas on what the land could be used for.

An exhibition of their artwork will go on display at the end of the event.

Michael Westwater, Fife Council project leader, told The Press independent consultants Ironside Farrar will work with locals.

“Kirkcaldy has continued growing but these areas we are focusing on are becoming increasingly vacant and are becoming a blight on the town,” he said.

“We want to take forward the regeneration of the area but it has taken 40 years for an area to decline so it will take a similar timescale to improve it once again.”

Mr Westwater explained that on the first day of the workshops the design team will set the scene, come up with objectives and proposals will be developed as the days go on and more people contribute their views. It is hoped a final plan will be created at the end.

He added: “We wanted to involve everyone in the process including school children as it will be them and their children who will benefit from the regeneration of the area.

‘‘ It will make them feel as if they played their part.”

What is a charette?

A charette is an intensive planning consultation process which involves a series of design workshops held over a number of days. A design team works directly with the community involved to discuss a realistic and achievable strategy on how to develop or change an area.

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