Shaun cooks up TA recruitment drive in Glenrothes

Glenrothes TA chef Shaun Donnelly
Glenrothes TA chef Shaun Donnelly

A Glenrothes military reservist is using his culinary skills to cook up a recruitment drive for the town’s Territorial Army regiment.

Shaun Donnelly has been an active member of Glenrothes TA for over 10 years, carrying out his role as signaller in the 231st Evacuation Squadron and 225th (Scottish) General Support Medical Regiment, based in the town.

Shaun Donnelly. Pic by Fife Photo Agency

Shaun Donnelly. Pic by Fife Photo Agency

But 12 months ago, he completed a career-changing move and is now a fully qualified chef, using his skills to help attract new recruits to the Garrison.

“As part of the recruitment team, my role is attract people to become part of the Territorial Army and demonstrate the wealth of training that is available,” Shaun explained.

“For as little as 27 days’ commitment to the TA per year, a wealth of training opportunities and new qualifications and life skills are available for recruits.”

Shaun took the TA’s message to shoppers in the town this week, not only to highlight the massive shortage of chefs currently enrolled in the Territorial Army, but also to give the public a flavour of his important role within the reserves.

And the event, in the town’s shopping centre, certainly had the public licking their lips.

“We had a few demonstrations including letting people see the soldiers’ ration packs, we also handed out shortbread we’d baked, which the public snapped up,” joked Shaun.

“But, in all seriousness, the event was to let people see the role of a chef is a vital one within this organisation and comes with a lot of responsibility.

“By joining the TA, other individuals can also gain those skills and enhance their CV, giving themselves a chance of a new career.

“And it’s not just chef training, there are loads of courses available for those willing to devote a little spare time to the Territorial Army.”

Sergeant Thomas Walker told the Gazette Shaun was a perfect example of what could be achieved.

“Most people think of the TA as just soldiers but there is a whole organisation involving people with many other skills that all come together to make it work,” explained Sgt Walker.

“We want more people to come and join that organisation. There are many benefits to be had,” he added.

To learn more about the Glenrothes TA, contact Sgt Walker on 01592 775061.