Shedding a bright light on safety

Police Scotland has issued tips on how to keep your shed secure
Police Scotland has issued tips on how to keep your shed secure

Police Scotland in Fife are giving advice on how to secure outbuildings and sheds which are often targeted by thieves over the summer months.

Members of the public can drop in to the Napier Road police station in Glenrothes to get tips, as well as having the opportunity to purchase safety chains, alarms and timers from the Neighbourhood Safety Group.

Simple steps to staying secure include; keep hedges low and walls/fences in a good state of repair and no higher than four feet – this will make it harder for an intruder to work unseen.

Consider nature’s own defences - growing aggressive shrubbery which is harder for intruders to climb through.

Security lighting around an unobservable place will only benefit the thief. Ensure that illumination around your property is appropriate for your use but not a thief. Automatically operated lighting works best as a deterrent where there are adjoining properties where neighbours would be able to notice it being activated.

Make sure bins are located in an area which doesn’t allow them to be easily used as a step to climb over fences/walls or access windows.

Lock away any garden implements, furniture or tools in a secure shed, garage or outside store. They may not only be an attractive target for theft, but also items such as ladders which are useful for breaking into your home.

If you have an intruder alarm, consider extending it to cover outbuildings and if you do not have a secure shed then bring items inside.