Shedding light on darkness in gardens

War Memorial Gardens, Kirkcaldy
War Memorial Gardens, Kirkcaldy

Work is being carried out over the next few weeks to upgrade the footway lighting in Kirkcaldy’s Memorial Gardens.

The move comes after locals reported the lights were not working and as a result they were having to walk around the gardens instead of going through them as the area was in pitch darkness.

Initially it was thought to be a simple electrical fault, but on closer examination the Council has found the problem to be more complex.

David Green, Council hardwire inspector, said: “We have assessed the lights in the Memorial Gardens.

‘‘Unfortunately there is not going to be a simple fix and we need to upgrade the whole lighting system.

“This is obviously extensive work and I expect this to take at least six weeks to complete.”

The move comes after councillors recently backed a plan to light up the War Memorial Gardens during the winter months.

A dozen trees will be illuminated to improve the entrance to the town from the railway station.

At the recent meeting of Kirkcaldy Area Committee, Danny Cepok, Kirkcaldy area services manager, said: “This will make a very attractive feature.

“There is a bit of work to be done on infrastructure and checks will be undertaken to ensure wildlife are not affected, but it is hoped the work will be done in time for the town’s Christmas events.”

Total costs for installing the lights will be around £25,000 and they will be used over the next few years.

Mr Cepok also revealed there has been discussions about uplighting the War Memorial’s name plates as well as replacing lighting columns and lanterns in the Gardens.

Further proposals also include: improving the existing pathways, developing a new path route from Kirkcaldy Rail Station to the Adam Smith Junction to link in with the Green Corridor and improving the entrance from the rail station to the gardens to form a gateway effect.

Kirkcaldy Memorial Gardens and the War Memorial

They form an important part of the town’s cultural heritage.

The Gardens have also been recognised for their horticultural excellence. This was shown recently in the Beautiful Scotland awards when Fife Council was given a discretionary accolade for horticultural achievement.

The gardens, a popular year-round attraction, are supported by Growing Kirkcaldy, which won a Gold award and was winner of the Small Cities section.