Shift in guide on road sand policy

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AREA councillor Elizabeth Riches has welcomed an “outbreak of common sense” over regulations on the removal of blown over sand on streets.

Since the heavy winds at the turn of the year, the streets of Elie have had drifts of very fine sand that was blown off the beach.

Fife Council had been unable to simply brush the sand back to the beach because SEPA had classified it as “contaminated”.

It appeared that the only other solution was for the council to cart the sand off to a landfill site.

The councillor said: “SEPA now have an agreement with Fife Council that, when sand has been blown from the beach onto localised areas, SEPA would have no issue with this material being swept back onto the beach.

“However, if the sand is obviously contaminated by other materials or has arisen as a result of normal street cleaning activities then the material should be viewed as waste and treated accordingly.

“The next job will be to arrange to get the sand removed as soon as possible.”