Shifting silt in Jamphlars Pond clear up

Councillor Lesley Laird (centre) visits the Jamphlars Pond site.
Councillor Lesley Laird (centre) visits the Jamphlars Pond site.

Work has begun to remove silt and clear ditches at Jamphlars Pond in Cardenden.

This part of the Jamphlars Pond water treatment project is a one-off operation to demonstrate to private landowners the importance of undertaking regular maintenance of ditches on their land to prevent future flooding issues.

Householders living in the area have regularly experienced flooding in their gardens in recent years.

Clearance and removal work has already begun up stream in the Woodend Park area and includes the burn next to the play park.

After this work has been completed, then construction of the water treatment plant and silt removal and ditch clearance of the Kirk Burn will follow.

This week, depute Fife Council leader Councillor Lesley Laird visited the site.

She said: “I’m sure seeing work begin on site will be a very welcome start to the new year for residents who’ve experienced a long period of distress.

“The Council isn’t legally responsible for carrying out these specific cleaning works.

“But we know the issue of flooding concerned people who live near the pond, so we’ve incorporated ditch clearance and sediment removal into the water treatment project works and this part of the project is already being progressed.

“The project management team have arranged for contractors to start upstream and work their way downstream in accordance with project plan requirements.

“Following installation of the water treatment pipeline, officers will continue to work with landowners to demonstrate the of the importance of maintaining ditches so that communities are not put at risk.”

Project to last three months

The £750,000 project started on site in January, with works scheduled to take around three months to complete.

The work is being funded by Fife Council and Scottish Government.

It’s not the Council’s legal responsibility to maintain drains and burns on private land.

Jamphlars Pond used to service Bowhill Mining Colliery.

Jamphlars Pond has been an on-going issue with residents in the area having lived with flood waters coming into their gardens for a number of years now.