Shine new light on busy road

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A KIRKCALDY North councillor has raised safety concerns about the delay in replacing a traffic light at a busy road junction.

David Ross said the light signal at the Chapel Level junction with Rosemount Avenue has been missing for the past six weeks and claims it is only a matter of time before there is an accident.

The light controls traffic travelling towards the Sainbury’s superstore at Fife Central Retail Park and used to have a filter for turning into Dunnikier estate.

But Cllr Ross claims without the signal it is difficult for drivers to know whether or not it is safe to turn at the junction.

He told the Press: “It also means queuing cars can block the road for other traffic users. I have seen a few ‘near misses’ myself at this junction in recent weeks - the light needs to be replaced before a serious accident happens.”

Hit by vehicle

He continued: “The traffic light was hit by a vehicle a couple of months ago. I raised this problem with the Council’s traffic managers at the time and the light was replaced shortly afterwards. But within a few days, the light was hit again and had to be removed.

“It should have been replaced again, but six weeks on nothing has happened.”

Cllr Ross said he has highlighted the issue transportation bosses at Fife Council.

He added: “I spoke with transportation officials again last week and was told there was still no date for installation of a new light.

Matter of urgency

“I have received an assurance that this work will be followed up as a matter of urgency. But this delay of over six weeks is just not good enough.”

Ian Smith, lead officer, traffic management for Mid Fife said: “The traffic signals at Chapel Level/Rosemount Avenue junction have been hit by vehicles on more than one occasion this year and we investigated relocating the traffic signal pole to a better position.

“Since there is no other suitable place, an order has been issued for our contractor to reinstate the signals at the earliest opportunity.

“The contractor is planning to erect the pole on Wednesday of next week and I expect the traffic signals will be fully operational by the Friday.”