Shoppers urged to be on lookout for fakes

Fife trading standards display.
Fife trading standards display.

SHOPS in Levenmouth and the East Neuk have been given a clean bill of health after a trading standards sweep to check for counterfeit products.

As part of a Fake Free Fife campaign, enforcement officers, working with major brand producers, carried out a survey in shops across Fife, looking in particular for copied household products.

Alan Hamilton, service manager, explained: “Most people are aware of the more commonly known copied goods like sportswear, CDs, DVDs and perfume.

“However, everyday household products such as washing powders and liquids, razor blades, shampoo, electric toothbrush heads and even medicines are frequently copied using trade marks, trade names or other devices, to make them look like genuine goods.

“Fake beauty products often contain sub-standard ingredients, including urine, that could cause burns or rashes.”

No evidence of fakes was found in the survey, which took in shops in Levenmouth and the East Neuk, but the trading standards team at Fife Council is remaining vigilant.

Mr Hamilton continued: “If you have any information about counterfeiting please let trading standards know at or by email at This can be done anonymously.

“With the public’s help, we want to raise awareness of this ongoing problem and make people aware of the consequences of it.”

All products purchased as part of the sweep were donated to a local homeless charity once confirmed they were the genuine article.