Show us the options for Raith care home land

Raith Gates care home. Pic: FPA
Raith Gates care home. Pic: FPA
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Residents living on Raith Estate in Kirkcaldy, chosen by Fife Council as the best place for a new children’s home, say they would be delighted to be told the options for the rest of the land.

But the majority are still adamant that the site is not where the home should be built, nor does it offer the best financial return, something the campaigners say the Council needs to consider.

Following pressure from Councillor Susan Leslie to allay concerns about what the remainder of the Raith Gates land could be used for alongside the children’s home, the Council has agreed to a further drop-in session giving possible options – not proposals – before next month’s Scrutiny Committee meeting when the proposal will be discussed.

But Euan Fraser, chairman of the Raith Homeowners Association, said that although residents would be keen to find out about the options, the majority still believe that the estate of mainly elderly residents is not the right place for the home.

He said: “The residents have always stressed that the development of the site in total should have been debated at the community consultation.

“However we still strongly assert that this is the wrong site for a “looked after children’s home” particularly when “good value” to the council tax payers is considered.”

He said that a recent Fife Council press release stressed the need for the authority spen efficiently and effectively, but said that this was not being adhered to in the case of the Raith Gates land which an independent valuation had valued at £1 million.

And Mr Fraser asked: “How can the Council claim the location is “best value”, and that it is “making sure that every £1 spent is done effectively”, when it is ignoring the potential windfall of £1m from the sale of the site to a developer?”

Residents now plan to press councillors on the scrutiny committee in November to recommend to the Executive Committee that the current proposal be thrown out and that social work officials bring forward for consideration an alternative site.