Showcase puts spotlight on local talent

The accordion group at Kennoway HAS Talent Showcase
The accordion group at Kennoway HAS Talent Showcase
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There was no question about it – Kennoway HAS Talent, and it was out in full force on Friday evening for a talent showcase.

Over 120 guests visited Kennoway Primary Community Use to be entertained by groups of musicians, dancers, and other artists.

The Tuesday night guitar group was up first with a rendition of ‘Counting Stars’, sung by Deryn Thompson, followed by pianists Georgia, Jacob and Milli, before some ‘Glee’ from Reece.

There was also a demonstration from the Mini kickers, followed by some more music from violinist Aleeza.

During the break, guests were treated to home baking from ‘Friends of Kennoway’ before more entertainment from the netball team, guitarists Lola, Ben and Jack and a remarkable performance of ‘On my Own’ by vocalist Jessica Daley.

There was also music from accordion group Michael, Goerge, Colin, David and Tracey and poetry from George Lawrie, before a sing-a-long to Loch Lomond.

Karen Staig from the centre thanked all of the supporters for their hard work and dedication in making it a “brilliant night”.