Sick pen is fake drug needle

The 'sick' pen is a fake syringe
The 'sick' pen is a fake syringe

A sick ‘toy’ is doing the rounds among children in Glenrothes, reports MIKE DELANEY.

The pen looks so like a real, blood-filled syringe that it has even fooled people who come across them regularly.

And a Glenrothes man has warned that it could be a danger to youngsters.

Kenneth Anderson (pictured) contacted the ‘Gazette’ after his wife, Jan, was shown the pen by a neighbour, whose young son had acquired it.

The 55 year-old said: “She in turn took it and showed it to me.

“I couldn’t believe how real it looks.

“They shouldn’t be selling things like this, it’s a bit much.

“Younger kids could write with them and see them as a toy and then pick up one of the real ones.

“There’s a lot of them being thrown away in the streets by the junkies.”

Two years ago, one shop in the Kingdom Centre removed BB guns from its shelves after criticism from local people and politicians.

Glenrothes MSP, Tricia Marwick, said: “I am most concerned that a shop in Glenrothes is selling these ‘fake syringe’ pens.

“While these appear to be sold as a novelty item, I fail to see what is funny about them.

“I have investigated this matter and these ‘fake syringes’ are quite convincing.

“It does not bear thinking about if a child were to pick up a real syringe thinking it was one of these joke pens.

“I would urge the shop selling this ‘fake syringe’ to discontinue this item immediately.

“Shop owners have a responsibility to the communities they serve and I hope the store takes the appropriate action as soon as possible.”