‘Sick’ syringe pens to be taken off shelves

The fake drug needle is actually a pen
The fake drug needle is actually a pen

The company which sold a sick toy branded a potential danger to youngsters has withdrawn the product, reports MIKE DELANEY.

Poundland admitted that it had received a number of complaints about a pen which looked like a blood-filled syringe.

The pen was so convincing that it even fooled people who have come across the real thing.

Last week, Glenrothes man, Kenneth Anderson, told how the pens were doing the rounds among youngsters in Glenrothes.

The Auchmuty man warned that children who had used the pens might end up picking up a real syringe by mistake.

The pens were also criticised by Glenrothes MSP Tricia Marwick.

Mr Anderson, Queen Margaret Drive, made a search of local shops in a bid to find out who was selling the pens and tell them to stop, but was unsuccessful. The local store ‘News and Booze’ told the Gazette the store had not stocked and would not be interested in stocking such an inappropriate item.

But the ‘Gazette’ learned that the pens had been sold at Poundland’s Kingdom Centre branch last October.

When we contacted the West Midlands-based company, they said similar complaints had been received from people in other parts of the country.

A spokeswoman added: “The product in question has been tested and is safe for children to use. The intention of this product is not to scare or upset anyone.

“Poundland can confirm the blood syringe pens featured in its 2011 Halloween range will not be stocked again next year, following customer feedback relating to the item.”

Responding to the decision, Mrs Marwick said: “I am sure the store’s decision will be welcomed by the overwhelming majority of Glenrothes residents who would not have seen what is funny about this ‘novelty’ item.

“The ‘Gazette’ deserves credit for highlighting the potential dangers of these fake syringe pens, as does the community activist, Kenneth Anderson, who initially alerted the newspaper to the availability of these items in our town.”