Sick vandals barbecue baby birds

A staff member from Russell Autos in Glenrothes pictured in the yard
A staff member from Russell Autos in Glenrothes pictured in the yard

SICK wreckers barbecued baby birds and caused £50,000 worth of damage to cars in an orgy of vandalism in Glenrothes, reports MIKE DELANEY.

Now the business where the appalling attack happened may be closed by its devastated owner.

Henry Russell described the scene that greeted him when he opened the gates of his salvage yard as one of “carnage”, where the wreckers had smashed every piece of glass and other salvagable equipment in his entire stock of 222 vehicles - bar two.

But it was the barbaric cruelty inflicted on the young blackbirds that has left him aghast.

He said: “They found a barbecue which had been lying about unopened, set it on fire and put four two-day old chicks on it.

“We had known that the chicks had been there, nesting in a car, but we just left them to it.

“I just can’t believe how a human being could be so destructive for no apparent reason, especially with the young chicks.”

He has run Russell Auto Salvage for 30 years, 20 of them at Viewfield’s Cable Road, where the wrecking spree started over the weekend of June 18-19.

During the week that followed, the wreckers returned twice to continue their attack.

“They haven’t been back since last Thursday, but then there’s nothing left to smash up,” added Mr Russell, who employs four staff.

“I was just speechless when I came in and saw what they had done.

“In my experience of being in business, it’s the worst thing I have ever come across.

“We have had break-ins and damage before, but on nothing like this scale - I reckon it has cost us about £50,000.

“I’m actually considering paying off the staff and shutting the place down because I’m so fed-up.”

Police investigating the incident have also been left staggered by the scale of the damage and the brutality shown to the birds.

Wildlife officer, Ian Lang, said: “I am simply horrified by what I saw.

“Words simply cannot describe the suffering these birds must have had to endure and the sight would prompt any right-minded individual to act in helping bring those responsible to justice.”

PC Helen Hendry, who is also investigating added: “This has been a protracted incident and clearly has been conducted over several hours.

“We would urge those who are rightly horrified by this incident to contact us on 0845 600 5702.”