Sight loss voters ‘unable to vote properly’ in Fife’s council elections

A Conservative council candidate in Dunfermline has raised concern over the forthcoming voting process for people with sight loss.

David Ross, Conservative candidate in the upcoming local elections for Dunfermline Central, is registered blind himself.

Mr Ross said: “I only realised the potential problem whilst drafting a leaflet in which I was trying to give a simple explanation of the voting system.”

Mr Ross, who has been registered blind from birth and has no sight at all added: “As somebody who has used Braille all my life it never occurred to me that I would ever need to write printed numbers. This election is different from a UK or Scottish election as, after having the candidate list read to me, I am able using the special equipment provided to place a cross in the appropriate box.

“I accept that you can vote for one candidate in this election if you wish. However, as all wards will be electing either three or four councillors, people like myself who cannot write printed numbers will be unable to rank candidates in their order of preference without outside assistance. A lot of people may be happy for someone to help them. However, it is supposed to be a secret ballot and it isn’t if another person has to write the numbers for you.”