Six Fringe shows you should see ...

Puddle's Pity Party Assembly George Square
Puddle's Pity Party Assembly George Square

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is now in full swing across the Forth.

Here’s our recommendations of shows to see if you’re planning a day, or night, in the capital.

Briefs - a huge hit with Fringe audiences (Pic: Andrew O'Brien)

Briefs - a huge hit with Fringe audiences (Pic: Andrew O'Brien)

1 Chef: Come Dine With Us – George Square Theatre (Venue 8), 4.,00p.m.

Korean group which speak the universal language of slapstick, and chucks in breakdancing and hip hop to serve up a wonderfully entertaining, laugh out loud show. It even has a mass dough fight with the audience!

Explaining it makes no sense -– it’s not really about food at all – so just go, and enjoy!

2 Colin Cloud: Expose – Underbelly Med Quad, 9.00p.m.

Freaky mind reading, great showmanship and an hour which will leave you bamboozled and mystified.

And then, you go on a hunt of Edinburgh’s streets to see if Colin will trace the audience member holding the antidote to an injection taken live on stage survive! Follow him or watch the finale live on Periscope!

3 Austentatious: An Improvised Jane Austen Novel – Underbelly, George Square (Venue 300), 1.30p.m.

Improv comedy serving up a new Jane Austen work every day.

It was a massive hit last year, playing to packed houses every afternoon, and it’s back and doing great business once again.

The cast think on their feet superbly, the gags come thick and fast, and they delight in trying to trip each other up every now and then. Brilliant fun.

4 Briefs – Assembly Hall (Venue 35), 10.30p.m.

Think ‘Priscilla Queen Of The Desert’ for this all-male Aussie burlesque review that will leave you drenched ... literally!

It’s high energy, outrageous and very much a show you need to take in if you want an infusion of energy.

But, be warned, and if you sit in the front row prepare to get wet!

5 Puddles Pity Party: Let’s Go – Assembly George Square Gardens (Venue 3), 7.25p.m. –

The melancholy clown with a voice that can raise the roof returns for a unique show.

A huge hit in 2015, and a welcome return visitor at Christmas, Puddles will met you at the door, pat you on the back, and then communicate through song rather than speech.

His suitcase contains all manner of party props which he deploys quite beautifully using audience members – not just those sitting in the front either!

6 Attrape Moi, Assembly Hall (venue 35), 6.00p.m.

Stunning routines from acrobatic artists whose skills are truly breath-taking.

You can only marvel at their stunning routines, their strength and trust in each other as they elevate dance to a whole new level.