Six-year-old in pool scare


A KIRKCALDY mum has called for an investigation after her son got into difficulties in a swimming pool on Monday night.

Pauline Robertson’s six-year-old son Kyle had to be rescued during a lesson at Kirkcaldy Swimming Pool after he started to struggle in the water.

She rushed poolside and says her son was so frightened he doesn’t want to to back to the pool.

Leisure bosses - who recently banned instructors from getting into the water with their young pupils - say at no time was the youngster in danger.


Pauline said: “I was sitting in the gallery watching when Kyle got separated from the rest of the class.

“He was right in the middle of the pool, it was too deep for him to stand and I could see he was starting to panic. He began to shout for help.

“I went to the front of the gallery and shouted repeatedly to the instructor to get him out but she didn’t hear me, so I ran down the stairs and out to the pool.

“When I got there the instructor had Kyle by the side of the pool. He was hysterical and his face was completely purple because he was struggling to breathe.

“I had to pull him out. She then told me she hadn’t noticed Kyle and that she hadn’t heard me shouting. How was it that we could all see him but she couldn’t?

“Kyle had swallowed so much water that he didn’t want to go out trick or treating. Now he says he’s too scared to ever go back into a swimming pool.”

A Fife Sports and Leisure Trust spokesman said: “We are confident that at no time was any pupil in danger or that appropriate staff supervision was not being exercised.  


“The instructor was aware Kyle had lost his flotation ball and was encouraging him to swim to the poolside. As soon as the instructor identified that Kyle had become distressed, a reaching pole was provided to assist him. The instructor was talking to Kyle when his mother arrived and removed him from the water.

“A duty manager from the pool has met with the parent of the pupil to discuss the mother’s concerns.”