Sky Sports crowns Kacey Scotland’s best

Kacey Duffy winner of Sky sports Credit: Ali Painter / �Sky
Kacey Duffy winner of Sky sports Credit: Ali Painter / �Sky

Kirkcaldy pupil Kacey Duffy has been awarded the Sky Sports Living for Sport Student of the Year for Scotland award at a ceremony at Twickenham Stadium.

The 16-year-old, who attends St Andrews RC High, was presented with her trophy at an award ceremony celebrating the achievements of students, teachers and athlete mentors who inspired their peers.

The ceremony, attended by more than 100 students, was hosted by pundit and former professional boxer Johnny Nelson, and included a skills session and rugby match coached by former South African international Thinus Delport and World Cup winner, Heather Fisher.

Kacey was recognised for her dedication and leadership during St Andrew’s Sky Sports Living for Sport project, which included a sports day, for neighbouring Primary School St Marie’s.

She said: “Doing the Sky Sports Living for Sport programme made me feel good about myself and it felt like I was helping other people better themselves.

“I particularly enjoyed working with the younger pupils, making them feel more included in their sports sessions.

“Speaking in front of 60 pupils can be daunting, but with the help of Caitlin McClatchey, I was able to conquer any initial reservations.

Kacey added: “I was surprised but delighted to win the award and feel that I have done myself and my family proud.”

Using the skills learnt from taking part in Sky Sports Living for Sport, Kacey hopes to build upon her leadership skills by supporting school holiday sports programmes.

Simon Warren, Active Schools Coordinator at St Andrews High, said the school was very proud.

“During the programme it was clear that Kacey had nature leadership abilities and with the support of Caitlin, was able to channel this into a productive manner by encouraging and supporting her peers,” he added.

“I was thoroughly impressed in the friendly and confident manner Kacey worked with the younger primary pupils. Not only did she have an excellent rapport with them, but ensured that they were always active and included in their activities. Sky Sports Living for programme has been very beneficial to Kacey and I know it has opened up new avenues for her and developed skills she didn’t know she had.”

Kacey is one of thousands of secondary school pupils participating in Sky Sports Living for Sport projects throughout the UK and Ireland.

The free initiative, delivered in partnership with the Youth Sport Trust, uses sport to help young people build practical skills and self-confidence.

Speaking at the awards ceremony, Jack Eatherley, head of Sky Academy, said, “Over half a million people have taken part in Sky Sports Living for Sport over the years and yet again it’s so inspiring to hear about the journeys the young people have taken”

Baroness Sue Campbell, chairman of the Youth Sport Trust, who presented the award said: “Sky Sports Living for Sport has brought about positive change for so many young people across the country, using athlete mentors to help them grow and develop through sport.

“The Youth Sport Trust has seen continued empowerment in schools where athlete mentors help influence, shape and inspire opportunities within which young people can grow and teachers can support and steer them through personal and academic improvement.”