Skydive to help buy wheelchair for Lauren

Toni (left) gives Lauren a hug after completing the sky dive at Glenrothes Airport.
Toni (left) gives Lauren a hug after completing the sky dive at Glenrothes Airport.

Brave Burntisland woman Toni Gray overcame her fear of heights to do a sky dive to help buy a wheelchair for a teenager with cerebral palsy and other disabilities.

Toni (24), of the town’s Meadowfield, was so touched by the story of 14-year-old Lauren Allan that she confronted her worst fear to do a skydive at Glenrothes Airport to raise money for an appeal set up by the family to raise £11,000 for a special chair for the Glenrothes girl.

And, despite being terrified as the event approached, Toni went through with it and immediately decided she would do it all again!

Toni, a former auxilliary nurse, now a healthcare support worker, explained: “I worked beside Lauren’s gran Isobel Allan and she would tell me all about Lauren. I met her a few times when she came to the Victoria Hospital, and we did a sponsored walk across the Forth Road Bridge a few years ago.

“I have always had a fear of heights, so I thought that would be the biggest challenge for me to overcome, but as soon as I booked it I thought ‘what have I done!’

“I was shaking and absolutely petrified before the jump, but Lauren and her family were there to watch me, so I knew I had to do it.

“It was a great experience and as soon as I did it I wanted to do it all over again, so I am already planning another one.”

With money still coming in, Toni is hoping to raise £1000 towards the cost of the wheelchair.

Lauren’s gran Isobel Allan said: “Toni was very brave and we are all very grateful to her for this. The wheelchair is a sit-to-stand one which will make Lauren’s life easier and give her more independence.

“Lauren was watching her doing the jump and was worried for her and delighted to see her afterwards.”