Slimline Jean leads her own weight group

The new slimline Jean
The new slimline Jean
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A Markinch grandmother has shed over two stone and started her own slimming group after realising she didn’t have the energy to play with her granddaughter.

Jean MacDonald decided she had to lose some weight after struggling to push her granddaughter Albha in her pram around a year ago.

Since then she has lost over two stone and is now enjoying a spot of ‘buggy racing’ with Albha and looking forward to the arrival of another grandchild this summer.

“I can’t believe how fantastic I feel - the difference is like night and day,” she explained.

“It was a real shock to realise that I hardly had the energy to push Albha in her pram let alone play with her.

“Making the decision to do something about my weight was easy and I convinced my daughter Robyn to come along with me to the first meeting for support.

“From the moment we got there we felt a real buzz in the room.”

At the meeting Jean was pleasantly surprised to discover she could lose weight without having to give up all the treats she enjoyed eating.

And getting to choose her own weight loss target came as a relief as well.

Jean is now looking forward to her daughter Robyn having her second baby in August.

And later this month she will be launching the Markinch Slimming World group she has been busy organising.

She explained: “My daughter Robyn is now due her second baby in August so I get to carry on buggy racing for a little longer.

“Except this time with go faster stripes.

“It’s just crazy that we’re all so busy that we forget to look after ourselves,” Jean explained.

“So when I started to change the way I thought about food, I started to feel different about all kinds of things.

“Losing weight has made me feel so much healthier, fitter and happier in myself.

“I’ve got my confidence back and a new career too - and it just doesn’t get better than that.”