Slow down on main Vic route

Pedestrian crossing at Hayfield Road
Pedestrian crossing at Hayfield Road

CALLS have been made for measures to be taken to stop cars speeding along a busy Kirkcaldy road.

Residents in the Victoria Gate estate have complained that drivers are ignoring the 30 mph speed limit on Hayfield Road and say the numbers have increased since the new wing was opened at Victoria Hospital.

With children walking to Pathhead and St. Marie’s Primary Schools as well as St. Andrew’s High, locals fear there could be a accident -unless steps are taken slow down the dangerous drivers.

Graham Robertson, who lives in Victoria Gate, said: “I was waiting at the pedestrian crossing to take my two children to school.

‘‘When the lights turned red a car had to screech to a halt.

‘‘I asked the driver if he thought he was going too fast. He said he didn’t because it was a 40 mph zone, I had to tell him it was a 30.

“There has definitely been an increase in the number of cars and a lot of them travelling to the hospital are unfamiliar with the area.

“Something needs to be done before there’s a serious accident.”

Councillor Kay Carrington said that the Council has been monitoring the area since the opening of the hospital wing and agreed it was an issue to be looked at.

“We know there is an issue around that area and I think it’s time it was looked at.

“We were giving the increase in traffic since the opening of the hospital wing time to settle down so we could get a clearer picture of the overall situation.

“But cars do go too fast along that road and when it comes to school kids or patients going to the hospital we have to be sure that they have a smooth and easy journey, whether that’s in a car or on foot.”