Snapper inspired by natural beauty

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A young Fife photographer has scored well in a nationwide competition.

Stuart Russell, a young photographer from Glenrothes was voted 4th out of 17 finalists in the nationwide competition to find Britain’s Best View 2011.

The competition was organised by gentleman’s goods company, Appleby Parva in association with Facebook and the winner was announced on the 11th of May. Stuarts photograph “Over The Bridge” received 53 votes and was a clear favourite.

Stuart Russell said about the photograph taken at Birnie and Gaddon Loch: “I am inspired by Scotland’s natural beauty, I think my photograph shows humour and stimulates conversation. Everyone who has viewed this image tells me it makes him or her smile and I think that is the best compliment to receive. It is light hearted and comedic. This is a photograph, which inspires exploration and an appreciation for British wildlife. It makes people stop and smile. A huge thank you to the people who voted, it really means a lot to me to come fourth in a nationwide competition.”