Snow caves in roof of dog track

HEAVY snowfall forced the roof of Thornton greyhound stadium to collapse.

The roof caved in at around noon on Friday after it buckled under the excessive weight of snow.

The structure will now have to be rebuilt and it’s estimated to cost several thousand pounds.

Paul and Sandy Bingham, the owners, told the Press that fortunately no-one was inside the building at the time.

Paul said: “Luckily no-one was hurt as Sandy and I were outside along with the tractor.

‘‘The track wasn’t open to the public as it was frozen and needed to be cleared of snow.

“Minutes earlier we had been inside, where the tractor is usually stored overnight, and we had just gone outside when we heard this almighty bang and saw the roof cave in.

Debris clear-up

“We were there on the Friday to clear the snow off the track when the roof collapsed - that was the only reason we were there.”

Paul said the main focus for the moment is to clear up all the debris and the mess but he said that due to health and safety concerns, they would not be able to look at rebuilding the roof until the New Year.

He said the roof collapse was just the culmination of problems they have had at the stadium over the past few weeks.

Paul explained: “First the hare motor-system broke in the middle of November and just as we fixed that, the track froze - it is still frozen - and now this.

‘‘ This weather has been very extreme.”

Re-opening planned

Paul and Sandy have owned the stadium, which is located near the town railway station, for the past ten years.

Paul said the weather was bad last winter too, but that there had been more snow this year:

“Hopefully racing will resume once the debris and remaining unsafe building has been removed.”

He added: “Hopefully when the roof is re-built this won’t happen again.”