SNP choose Kirkcaldy as the first stop on the campaign trail

SNP Depute Leader Stewart Hosie visited Kirkcaldy yesterday where he joined the party’s candiate Roger Mullin to get their General Election campaign underway.

Mr Hosie visited the new SNP shop on the town’s High Street where he described Mr Mullin as a “fantastic candidate” for the Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath constituency, adding that it was an important seat for the party to fight for.

Stewart Hosie speaks to voters during his visit to the SNP HQ of Roger Mullin (left).

Stewart Hosie speaks to voters during his visit to the SNP HQ of Roger Mullin (left).

Mr Mullin said that the Depute chose to come to Kirkcaldy outlined the party’s commitment to the area.

“This is the outset of the campaign and shows us upping the amount of work we’re doing on the streets and everywhere in the constituency.

“Today we’re launching with one of the major themes of the campaign and that is our opposition to austerity economics. Whether it’s the austerity from the Tories or the austerity plans of Labour, we want to see more demand on the economy.

“We want to see the development and for that we need a strong number of SNP MPs in Westminster and it tells a story itself that the party decide that one of the high profile launches is going to be in this constituency.”

Despite the Kirkcaldy seat historically being a Labour stronghold, Mr Mullin said that the party was gaining a lot of support from people on their doorsteps.

He said: “We’ve talked to thousands of people already. The SNP headquarters gets to see the results from every constituency and they have decided that it would be a good idea to have a major launch early here so I think that tells its own story.

“Who knows how its going to end up in a few weeks time, but the omens at the moment are that this is definitely going to be a tightly contested race between SNP and Labour and we feel that we’re on the up.

Mr Hosie said the party needed to get its message “to every single part of the country” and added that Kirkcaldy was a vital place to start.

“With Roger Mullin you’ve got a fantastic candidate and I’m happy to be here to back him,” he said.

“David Torrance won the Scottish Parliamentary election and I think that came as a surprise to many, but not to us.

“The way in which the swing from Labour to SNP is so far, six months into the polls, substantially for the SNP over Labour.

“We have got to fight to win every seat and as Nicola Sturgeon said at the weekend, no seats in Scotland are off limits for the SNP.”

The Depute Leader admitted that the Kirkcaldy seat would be a hard one to take but said he felt confident that the SNP could win it.

“There’s a mountain to climb in lots of seats,” he said. “But you see the enthusiasm, you see the number of activists, you see the effort that’s being put in, and more importantly, that incredibly positive message - ending austerity, more power for Scotland and no to Trident - is chiming in Kirkcaldy as much as it is anywhere else.

“I have a lot of confidence in Roger. His work experience is brilliant. He would be a fantastic representative for the people of this constituency.”