SNP confidence high as count gets underway


The feedback on polling day in Glenrothes has backed up the opinion polls and the seismic shift to the SNP says candidate Peter Grant.

Officially, no-one is making any calls - there are many boxes to be checked and analysed, and numbers to crunch - but there is a growing sense that the Nationalists are on course for victory in the new town,

Mr Grant, who lost out to Lindsay Roy in 2008, said: ‘“I thought most of the day it was too close to call.

“But it has confirmed the direction of the opinion polls and the big, big shift to the SNP. A lot of people who have voted Labour for 30, 40 years have voted for us for the first time.”

He out that down to many factors, but the party’s allegiance in the referendum’s Better Together campaign to save the union was, he said, the final straw.

He also said Labour’s demonising of the SNP on a national platform was a major mistake; “If you start badmouthing and demonising people that are respected - regardless of their politics - then it is a very, very dangerous game.”

Labour spokesmen said the night had been mixed - some good returns from early ballot boxes, but some negatives too.

They also highlighted the national swing as a possible factor on local results, but insist the seat is still too close to call.

They said Melanie Ward had worked hard in the constituency and done a first class job - and they remain confident as we count down to results in the early hours of this morning.