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First Dates
First Dates

First Dates

(Thursday, Channel4, 9.00 p.m.)

We’ve all been on a first date, but in front of the TV cameras?
Channel4’s superb new reality series raises the bar in terms of being innovative and fun by creating a restaurant which is then filled with real people meeting for the first time.

The cameras capture their introductions, the chit-chat and the cringe-worthy, ceiling staring, mobile-phone fidgeting silent pauses.

And the twist? If there is no spark then you - dear viewer - can take their place.

Last week’s edition was wonderful viewing simply because, for once, it went with ordinary people rather than the usual, ghastly reality telly show-offs and wannabees.

And we got to see the women confiding how their date was going when they went to the loo - guys, they really do talk!

The age range of those taking part is all embracing too, and some of the stories are sweet and delightful, others are worryingly close to the ‘crash and burn’ territory we’ve all experienced. Or maybe that’s just me ...


(from Friday, BBC2/3/4, times vary)

The festival of festivals is back after a one year break - and BBC are going Glasto-tastic throughout the weekend.

Must admit, it’s the one festival on my bucket list, but until I can get a ticket, my wellies and hiking boots shall remain mud free, and I shall spectate from my sofa.

Beeb3 is going for the yoof market by hosting Rita Ora, Prof Green and Jake Bugg, while Beeb4 caters for those of us who really don’t know who Rita Ora is. Sister to Kia by any chance?!

Four has the wonderful Chic and Nile Rodgers, the absolutely magnificent Seasick Steve, while Beeb2 has those boisterous Arctic Monkeys.

Oh yes, and the Stones are playing for the first time ever.

Fifty years after starting out, Jagger and company make it on to the Pyramid stage, so let’s see if they can still cut the mustard.


(All week, BBC1, BBC2, all day!)

Strawberries? Check. Pimms. Check. My ‘go Andy!’ t-shirt? Check.

Settle back for wall to wall coverage of the only tournament that makes us think we can all be the next Borg, Connors or even Ile Nastase.

BBC is going flat out to cover every single blade of grass - oodles of stuff on the telly, on the red button, on line, and on Henman Hill, or ‘Murray Mound’ as it is now known.

They do it superbly well, of course, and for two weeks we can forget all about fitba and the fact our national game is falling apart, and bask in some braw tennis.

The Apprentice

(Wednesday, BBC1, 9.00 p.m.)
Ah the gift that just keeps on giving... The Apprentice wannabes really are a grim mob barging through their tasks with all the co-ordination and subtlety of a contestant in ‘It’s A Knockout.’

Their efforts to tap into the over 50s dating game were cringe-worthy, and their away days for corporate drones were abysmal - but the bitching and bickering is simply top notch!

I’m surprised Lord Shoogly hasn’t fired the lot of them!

Harbour Lives

(Friday, stv, 8.00 p.m.)
Ben Fogle stays closer to home for this new series which sounds almost sedate in comparison with previous adventures swimming with crocs and trekking across Antarctica.

This time round he’s sampling the lazy, easy going harbour life of Dorset, meeting the locals and working with a few of them. It’s much the same as Ade Edmonson’s relaxed stroll around the Dales ...