So proud to find out our Peter was a war hero

Kirkcaldy RAF pilot Peter Grieve (l), with his brothers Robert & Andrew.
Kirkcaldy RAF pilot Peter Grieve (l), with his brothers Robert & Andrew.

THE family of an Kirkcaldy RAF officer killed in World War Two have discovered how an entire island regard him as a hero - with the help of the Press.

As reported in last week’s paper, Topsy Douris, a resident of the Greek island of Ikaria, was trying to trace the family of Sgt Peter Grieve whose plane crashed there in 1944.

Sgt Grieve has been awarded the citizen certificate by the island’s Municipal Council and there are plans to erect a memorial to him and his co-pilot Reginald Meyer, who was also killed in the crash.

Stunned members of the Grieve family contacted the Press straight away, unaware of their relative’s hero status on the island where he died.

Sgt Grieve’s niece, Helen Taylor, who lives in Edinburgh, said: “It’s very emotional for me to find out that he’s regarded as a hero.

“I still have the bible that he gave to his mum and dad before he died and it has his writing in it.

“We were quite a close family and a lot of us lived nearby. When I first got married I lived in Pottery Street in the block opposite where Uncle Pete had lived.”

Audrey Kerr of Glenrothes is the daughter of Sgt. Grieve’s nephew, Alex.

She said: “I spoke to Topsy on the phone. She is coming over here in December so we’re all really looking forward to meeting up with her then.

“I knew bits of the story when I was growing up but we no idea how well regarded he was.

“One thing that’s sad is that my grandad, who was Pete’s brother, and my own dad, aren’t alive to found out about this.

“My grandad and my great-uncle Pete actually bumped into each other when they were stationed in Egypt.

“That would have been the last time they saw each other.

“They would have been so proud of him, as we all are.”