So, what do you want to see happen to Kirkcaldy town centre?

In place: The new signposts which have been placed around the town centre highlighting local amenities.
In place: The new signposts which have been placed around the town centre highlighting local amenities.

It may be opening a can of worms, but Kirkcaldy’s Ambitions group is set to ask folk for their views on the future of the town centre.

It’s been the most hotly debated topic in recent times, as major stores such as Tesco and Argos have pulled out - and the saga of the much-needed new cinema still rumbles on.

Now, the Ambitions Group - set up after the major public meeting three years ago - is to gather the views of local residents and businesses on what can be improved, and what should be done.

There will be at an exhibition staged in the Mercat Shopping Centre tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday.

The Ambitions Group - which the Fife Free Press is part of, along with Fife Council, Fife College, Kirkcaldy4All, Fife Cultural Trust and Adam Smith Global Foundation - will put its proposals contained in the ‘Time For Action’ paper in front of local folk.

It will show the four proposed sectors for the town centre - the Merchants’ Quarter was the first to be unveiled recently - and folk will be asked to comment, or doodle on Post-It notes on a giant map to show what they want ... and where they want it.

The same format proved a huge hit at the original summit, leading to the creation of the group and new ideas being brought to the table.

But while some improvements have been made, the problems facing the town centre remain huge.

Councillor Neil Crooks, who chairs the Ambitions group, said: “Since the summit held in 2012, the Ambitions Group has responded to local businesses’ views in producing the Time For Action plan.

“We’ve also delivered some improvements such as installing wider bays, brighter lighting and interior painting at the Esplanade car park, and introducing improved, new visitor signage in the town.

“We’ve had major events such as Fife International Carnival and Kirkcaldy Film Festival, and supported the east end businesses in developing the Merchant’s Quarter.

“There is much more we want to do, but we need the public, businesses and residents in the area to tell us what they think of our plans and bring their own ideas as to how we can create a revitalised and vibrant town centre that we can be proud of.”

The consultation take place from 11.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. each day.

Signs, stairs and public art ...

The new fingerpost signs directing people around the town have been well received, the area committee was told this week.

Phase 3 of the High Street upgrading works for the west end are also scheduled to start in August.

There are also plans to hire a consultant in public art strategy, an idea which prompted much discussion among councillors on the value of such artwork and what people thought of the town’s current offerings.

Plans to upgrade the crumbling steps leading to The Postings have been put on hold until more information on the future of the shopping centre comes to light.