Society Phils up with awards

Anstruther Philharmonic Society
Anstruther Philharmonic Society

The awarding of choral scholarships to young people was introduced last year by Anstruther Philharmonic Society (‘The Phil’), with the support of Foundation Scotland.

It’s been decided the project will continue on an annual basis, and Callum MacLeod, principal teacher of expressive arts at Waid Academy, was delighted with the success.

Robert Dick, musical director of the Phil, added: ‘This has given us the opportunity to welcome some fantastic young singers to our ranks and they have played no small part in enriching the development of our standards.”

Recruitment of up to five scholars from secondary school, further education and university has started, and will be completed by the time the Phil starts rehearsing soon for its concerts in December and March.

One of the successful applicants will receive the Donald Lamb Choral Scholarship, in memory of the late and much-respected former Phil president.