Something had to be done, but ...

Cars parked in Kirkcaldy High Street
Cars parked in Kirkcaldy High Street

THE controversial decision to ban all traffic from Kirkcaldy’s pedestrianised High Street between 10.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. every day has met with a mixed reaction from town centre retailers.

While many agreed that there was too much traffic at certain times, many more said the authority had gone a step too far limiting Blue Badge holders and delivery vehicles to just one hour.

And most agreed that steps should be taken to find a more acceptable solution to the problem for everyone involved.

Bill Harvey of Kirkcaldy4All said: “There has been a mixed reaction from the retailers.

“There is a desire among them to find a solution to the traffic movement problems on the High Street.

‘‘This decision by the Area Committee is not a done deal yet and there will be a period of public consultation during which all views can be expressed.”

Parking nearby

Emma Wallace, supervisor at Bodycare, said: “T.00he parking doesn’t really affect us as it is on the opposite side, and we have had mixed views from customers on whether it should be banned or not.

‘’A lot of people need to be able to park close to the shops.”

Hazel McLennan, supervisor at Shoezone, said: “Our deliveries come in from the front of the shop, and they are not guaranteed before 10.00 a.m.

‘‘If we have to bring them in the back then it will be much more difficult for us.

‘‘I think it will put a lot of people off coming to Kirkcaldy to shop.”

Becky McArthur, sales manager at Debenhams, said: “There are a lot of people taking liberties with the badges, and it is the overall parking issues in the town which are the main problem. I don’t think it will affect our business much.”

At Next a spokesman said: “Disabled people need longer than an hour in the morning to do their shopping. It would be better if there was a closer car park they could use.

‘‘They also need to do more to promote schemes such as Shopmobility and the other assistance that is available to help people.”


Susan Greens, assistant manager at Savers, said: “We have a lot of customers with mobility problems, and they look forward to coming down the street to do their shopping. I think they should have looked for more of a compromise, and maybe allowed them more time.”

Christine Gray, manageress, added: “After all the roadworks last year they have all just started coming back again, and I think this will force them to go elsewhere like the retail park.”