Speak up for your town...

Burntisland from the Links
Burntisland from the Links

More than 400 people in Burntisland have already responded to a questionnaire about their town and how they would like to see it improved.

Comments including: “It’s a friendly wee place, but it could do better,” and “More artwork and sculptures on display,” are just two of those put forward.

Others about improving the paths around the docks area and retaining and creating more public open spaces have also been voiced in the Burntisland Futures Survey, which is has gone out to residents.

The survey is part of a comprehensive consultation to give everyone a voice on the future of the town. Burntisland Community Council is leading a steering group to co-ordinate the exercise, working with STAR Development Group to prepare a five-year community action plan.

Volunteers are carrying out a door to door survey with 1000 houses in Burntisland – about a third of the population. For those who are not in the 1000 houses, the survey is available in the town library and online at: www.surveymonkey.com/burntislandcommunityfuture.

A visitor survey is also underway, and meetings are being held with organisations and interest groups in the community to include their input in the survey.

The steering group also wants to hear views from residents on the town’s common good assets – the Links, Burgh Chambers, and the Young and Unity Halls – and how they could be managed. One of the options being considered is setting up a community trust which would take on the management.

The results of the survey will be presented at a public event in September at Burntisland Primary School.

Gordon Langlands, secretary of Burntisland Community Council, said: “It’s encouraging that people are responding so enthusiastically and providing excellent feedback. The more people who respond the better, as it will show the strength of support in the community and help us raise funds for the projects that matter most to local people.”