Special gift for Christmas baby

Lana Mathewson presents the 'nappy cake' to staff at the maternity wing at the Vic
Lana Mathewson presents the 'nappy cake' to staff at the maternity wing at the Vic

A Kirkcaldy woman who was the first baby born in the town on Christmas day in 1992 handed over a unique gift for this year’s first born.

Lana Matthewson was born at the now-closed Forth Park Hospital on Christmas Day 21 years ago.

And this year Lana and her family decided to arrange for the mother of the first baby born at the new Victoria Hospital to receive a special gift to mark the occasion.

The family dropped by the hospital to hand in a specially designed Christmas ‘nappycake’ at the maternity ward.

The cake is made up of around 200 nappies and a few toys which are sure to come in handy in the coming weeks!

Lana’s grandmother Rosie King came up with the idea of the cake which was designed and made by her friend Margaret McClymont.

“I remember back to the utter chaos in the run up to Christmas back in 1992 when my daughter Julie was expecting,” Rosie said.

“Everything to do with Christmas had to be put on hold as we were all so excited and focused on the baby coming and I ended up going in with Julie when the time came.

“We managed to get to Forth Park at about 10.00 p.m. on Christmas eve and then Lana was born at around 2.00 a.m. on Christmas morning.

“One of the things that I have always remembered really clearly about that day was when the hospital staff came in and gave Julie a gift, it was a little top and some booties.

“They told us the gift had been handed in by the mother of the first born on Christmas day the year before.

“I don’t know if it was a tradition at the hospital or if it was just a one off that year.

“It was such a really kind, considerate thing to do so we are happy to do something similar to celebrate Lana’s 21st.”

Lana went along to the Victoria with the rest of her family to drop the cake off just before Christmas.

And she was impressed by the set up at the Victoria which took over maternity services following the closure of Forth Park in 2012.

“This is the first time we have done anything like this and it was really nice to see around the new maternity unit, the staff were really friendly,” she said.

“My family always made a real effort at Christmas to make sure I had a great birthday and it was never lost in all the Christmas celebrations.

“I’d heard about the gift my mum got when I was born so it’s nice to hand the cake in for another mum.”