Specialist bed helps local boy

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A GLENROTHES boy with Dandy Walker Syndrome and Hydrocephalus has been give a specialist bed by a disabled charity and a local shop.

20-month-old Calib Forsyth relies on a VP shunt to drain off excess cerebral spinal fluid and has global developmental delay (GDD) which means he is delayed in achieving milestones many of us take for granted, like speaking, socialising and walking. Marks & Spencer and Newlife stepped in to donate the specialist £3,155 bed to him as he has outgrown the cot he has been sleeping in to-date.

Mum Sarah Forsyth said: “This has made a major difference to our lives – both mine and Calib’s. The bed is height adjustable so it helps my back when I am dressing him – although he is two years old he is the size of a four-year-old.

“It also means I can walk away from the bed and know Calib is safe.”