Speed bumps protest leaves residents cold

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IT could be a bumpy road ahead for a Wemyss village if the local response is anything to go by.

Coaltown of Wemyss Community Council held a public meeting on Thursday to discuss ripping up speed humps on Main Street – but nobody turned up.

Disappointed chairman Derrick Brown said: “There was nobody there other than a man who always turns up to our meetings. The issue generated no response.

“Speak to people anywhere and speed bumps are a horror story but don’t ask people to come to a meeting and talk about it.”

In what could be Fife’s first test case, the community council is seeking talks with Fife Council to ask the authority to remove its speed cushions.

The radical request is backed up by evidence that only one fatality occurred in the 24 years preceding the installation of the traffic calming measures, said Mr Brown.

“To me, the bumps are an absolute waste of money – lorries and buses just fly over them – and they would do far better to just put speed cameras in. Then they might actually catch folk,” he said.

“Likewise, take away the speed bump zebra crossing at the primary school and replace it with a pelican crossing with traffic lights.”

When a date is finalised for talks between Fife Council’s traffic bosses and the community council, local residents are once again invited to attend and speak up, Mr Brown confirmed.

“I’ve read one person’s suggestion that if someone was willing to stand on a ticket to remove speed bumps they would gather so much support they would probably get elected.

“I’m quite sure if East Wemyss, Buckhaven or Leven wanted to have a real go people would turn up and have their say.”