Speeding drivers are risking lives in Leslie

Cllr John Wincott watches cars come into Leslie''(c) David Wardle
Cllr John Wincott watches cars come into Leslie''(c) David Wardle

Motorists speeding through Leslie are putting lives in danger.

That’s the warning from town councillor John Wincott who has raised concerns again about drivers breaking the speed limit.

Councillor Wincott told The Gazette he will be speaking to the Fife Safety Camera Partnership this week about the issue after noticing that motorists are starting to speed through Leslie once again.

Community Speedwatch teams were out in force earlier this year to clampdown on speeding drivers after concerns were raised by locals.

The deployment saw volunteers monitor traffic speeds and it resulted in a number of drivers being caught failing to observe the 30mph and 20mph limits.

The Fife Safety Camera Partnership was invited to carry out its own initiative and this saw a number of speeding drivers convicted.

But Mr Wincott said some motorists are starting to ignore the signs again and he is worried they may be putting lives at risk: “I had hoped that people would learn their lesson and slow down a bit. The sign flashes your speed and it shows motorists clearly driving at speeds between 30 and 36 miles per hour in a 20 mph zone.

“What is worrying is the road they are driving on is the one kids are using to cross to get to the local park. A lot of kids are going across to the skate park especially with it being the school holidays and with drivers going at nearly double the speed they are taking their lives in their hands.”

He said the stretch of road has been a long-standing concern and will be one of the areas visited by Speedwatch volunteers when they return in the next few weeks.

He added: “Drivers can expect to not only get a fixed penalty notice, but they will be reported to the Procurator Fiscal.

“This should serve as a warning to motorists.”