Speeding fears of Cupar residents

South Road in Cupar.
South Road in Cupar.

RESIDENTS of a busy Cupar street who say they ‘dice with death’ on a daily basis due to vehicles speeding past their homes have called on Fife Council to act before a serious accident occurs.

People living in South Road say their homes literally shake due to the speed of cars and lorries driving through the 30mph zone and, it is claimed, vehicles are damaged on a regular basis.

Some parents whose children attend Castlehill Primary School have also said they ‘dice with death’ crossing the road to the school and are now calling on the local authority to seriously consider making the street a 20mph zone and adopting some speed calming measures.

Ali Rankin, whose five-year-old daughter Katie attends Castlehill, has to make the treacherous trip across the road every day.

She said: “There needs to be a review of the speed limit.

“We have to park our cars in the street and while they serve as some form of haphazard speed calming, vehicles still travel too fast and it’s very difficult to cross the road.

“There is no controlled crossing, so unless the lollipop man is at Tesco, we are left to take our chances.

“I would hate to see a terrible accident happen just because the council seems to put the needs of motorists before the safety of children and pedestrians.”

She added: “Cars are continually damaged but when you have two children and all their stuff to unpack, there really isn’t any option but to park outside the house.”

Local business owner and retained firefighter Hilary Green said she has been ‘horrified’ by the speed of cars since moving into the street a few months ago.

Local councillor Bryan Poole, who also lives in South Road, said: “I have received several emails describing incidents that have occurred over the last few years, so it does appear to me that there may be a bigger problem than has been thought previously.

“My understanding is that some residents are going to organise a meeting so a body of evidence and suggestions for improvements can be gathered.

“Personally I think councillors and council officers should avoid coming to any conclusions about what is or what is not possible until the meeting with local residents is arranged - the best solution will be one that comes from listening to what local people are saying and using the expertise of council officers.

“It is hoped this meeting could take place in early June.”

Stating a 20mph zone would be “wholly inappropriate”, Fife Council service manager Murray Hannah said on-street parking acts as a form of traffic calming to reduce speed on the approach to the Ceres Road junction, where the school crossing patrol operates at a formal crossing point.

He said: “As part of the planned development of the Tesco store there will be an opportunity to enhance the crossing point.

“The issue with damaged car mirrors is more related to the constraints of the road width and parking demand than to traffic speed.

“Prohibiting parking here would be a solution to damaged vehicles, but would result in greater concerns about lack of nearby parking for residents and businesses and could potentially result in an upward creep in traffic speed.

“Those raising concerns about traffic speed have described South Road as one of the busiest arterial routes in and out of Cupar, which is exactly why a permanent 20 mph speed limit would be wholly inappropriate here.

“It is one of those situations where a balance must be struck between the need to travel and the quality of life for adjacent communities.

“We will continue to work closely with Fife Constabulary in monitoring and enforcing traffic speed on South Road and will be more than happy to take part in any further discussions with the local community and new elected councillors to allow a fresh look at the situation.”

Mr Hannah saidthe reported road accident statistics over the past three years on this part of South Road show only one injury accident, which related to a pedestrian being struck by the wing mirror of a passing vehicle.

Anyone wishing to attend the residents’ meeting should contact Ali Rankin, 07738 528031 or email Lindsey Alexander l.alexander@btinternet.com