Speeding through Arncroach is no smiling matter...


A resident in Arncroach has been left fuming by Fife Council’s laidback and ‘smiley’ approach to speeding through the village.

Around 18 months after the speed limit was reduced from 30mph to 20mph, the authority responded to local demand by erecting speed monitors in the area - for two weeks.

“Great I thought,” said resident Caroline Thompson, “but what a disappointment to see that as a vehicle travelled through the village in front of me, the sign flashed with a happy face as the driver went through at 28mph!”

In response to her complaint Colin Stirling, traffic management professional, said the sign operated on a rolling programme throughout various locations in Fife.

Results from speed monitoring had been “encouraging,” he added, as the average speed of travelling vehicles had decreased by around six mph to 25mph and up to 83 per cent of vehicles were travelling at less than 30 mph.

In reaction, Ms Thompsonsaid: “I cannot believe that six mph above the speed limit is classed as an encouraging result”.