Spring clean for loch

volunteers test the swan nesting platform on Kinghorn Loch
volunteers test the swan nesting platform on Kinghorn Loch

Kinghorn Loch was given a good Spring clean last weekend.

Many volunteers came along to support Kinghorn Loch Users Group in the venture.

Work included repairing the barley straw rafts to reduce the problems of blue/green algae blooms; mending the boards at the jetty through funding raised at a barbecue last summer; installing new fishing signs; and altering one of the rafts to provide a luxury island home for resident swans.

The raft was transformed into a nesting platform with a solid base and an artificial grass covering, before two volunteers tried it out for strength by standing on it.

Weeds for sheltering the nest will be added later. Local businesses donated materials for volunteers to build the nesting platform.

New fishing signs were put up at the lochside asking fishermen to recycle by returning their catch so that everyone can enjoy them over again.

Marilyn Edwards, secretary of the Kinghorn Loch Users Group, said: “All we have to do now is persuade the swans to set up home on the platform.”

Visitors to the loch are asked that, if they see the swans using the nesting platform, they let the group know by contacting their website www.CraigencaltTrust.org.uk.

Kinghorn Loch User’s Group is part of the newly established Craigencalt Rural Community Trust.