Spring Online comes to Elie

Silver surfer
Silver surfer

RESIDENTS in the Elie area who would like to know more about computers and the internet are invited to a free digital taster event at Elie Church Hall in Kirkpark Road.

The event, on Wednesday, April 25, from 10am-2pm, will see a range of activities, including how to communicate using e-mails and Skype; digital photography and scanning images; shopping online (e.g. with eBay and Amazon) and using the internet to find information, book travel or pay bills.

A tutor from Digital Unite will be on hand to gently introduce those who aren’t yet online to the wonderful world of digital technology.

The taster session at Elie, the only one in Fife, is being held to celebrate Spring Online with Silver Surfers’ Day (April 23-27).

This is a national campaign which helps give older people and other less confident users a taste of the digital world.

Research shows that one in five people aged 55-64 have never used the internet and this rises to three in five of those aged 65+.

Graham Meacher, a tutor with Digital Unite who lives in Elie, said: “We know computers and the internet can be a little scary for many older people and they just need a little help to get them started. We hope as many people as possible will come along to our event and give computers a go.”