St Andrews and Indian students swap countries

St Andrews - Indian student exchange
St Andrews - Indian student exchange

Students from St Andrews are taking part in the first exchange programme established between the university and an institute in India.

The exchange enables two undergraduate students in Biology to spend up to 10 weeks carrying out research projects at the Indian Institute for Science Education and Research (IISER) at Mohali in the Punjab.

In return, two students from IISER Mohali have just arrived at St Andrews to begin their research projects in laboratories in the School of Biology.

St Andrews students Neyme Veli and Louisa Wallace, who have just completed their third year studies, have just left for the Punjab to work with academics in neuroscience and immunology.

IISER Mohali students, Nitish Tayal and Nilmani Singh, have just arrived and will be working with research teams in the Biomolecular Sciences Building, on research into DNA damage and protein structure.

Professor Alyson Tobin, in the School of Biology, who established the new programme, said: “This is an exciting time to be developing links with India and especially with one of the top research and teaching institutions in the country.

“Our students will have a tremendous experience, both scientifically and culturally, and we are very pleased to be hosting two excellent students from India.”

The Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation has provided travel scholarships to the students from India and both the University and IISER will be supporting the accommodation and research costs of the students.

All four students met Professor Tobin and Vice-Principal Lorna Milne to discuss their plans in St Andrews last week before Neyme and Louisa left for India.

In the future it is hoped that the programme will be expanded across all science subjects and will include opportunities for postgraduate and research.