St Andrews bank staff withdraw from customers’ car park

Customers were finding it difficult to find a parking space in the bank's car park on Queens Gardens.
Customers were finding it difficult to find a parking space in the bank's car park on Queens Gardens.

Bosses at Bank of Scotland headquarters have ordered employees at its branch in St Andrews to cease using its company car park following complaints from customers.

People wishing to use the town centre branch in Queen’s Gardens should now find it easier to leave their vehicles at the bank’s official car park when conducting any business there, after staff were warned against using the facility.

The move comes after customers contacted the Citizen to say they were unable to get parked at the branch because it was being used by bank staff on a regular daily basis.

A spokesman for the bank has confirmed that staff had been using the car park, but they have now been told this is no longer acceptable.


One customer who spoke to the Citizen said that the situation had been getting worse over the past few months.

She said: “At one time people were able to use the branch car park for the few minutes it took to carry out necessary business.

“However, over recent months that situation has changed and there is seldom, if ever, any spaces available during the bank’s opening hours.

“Even before the branch is open for business on a daily basis all the parking spaces are full. From what I have seen it is usually the same cars parked there every day.”


Another customer said that the parking situation is made worse by local taxis “stacking up” in Queen’s Gardens waiting for parking spaces to become available at the nearby designated rank outside Holy Trinity Parish Church in South Street.

He added: ”It’s not unusual to see as many as half a dozen taxis at any one time taking up parking bays in Queen’s Gardens as they wait for a space outside the church.”

A spokeswoman for the Bank of Scotland told the Citizen: “We can confirm that a couple of members of staff working at the branch on an ad-hoc basis had occasionally been using the customer car park.

“Colleagues have been reminded that they are not permitted to use this car park. We apologise to customers for the inconvenience caused.”